December 23, 2010

The best time to create the perfect body shape

The best time to create the perfect body shape

1. The use of sleep, let those tall neck
2010, a new type of regimen rapid popularity in Hollywood, that is, "Sleep Health Act." Medical experts believe that a woman can sleep the night time as an adjustment of physical and mental health, if you get physical exercise before going to bed to make the appropriate use of 8 hours sleep, the body can be effectively stretched.
Sleep, the human sensitivity to neck strong muscles and bones at the Hollywood star Julia Roberts giving birth to almost any exercise, but in the eyes of the audience she was not only not fat, but thinner. In fact, her weight did not change, she just tried to sleep every night before "neck movement operation." Contact as long as 15 minutes before going to bed every day this "neck movement exercises", your neck will have a slight feeling of letter, with this feeling to sleep, relax the neck muscles will be effectively and play a stretch in the visual effect. Neck longer, people naturally become thin slim.
"Neck movement exercise," the practice methods
First, the natural head and neck relaxed, so that the direction of the chin to the shoulder slowly rotating, when the chin to the shoulder, the visits of a few seconds, then restore. Repeat about 20 times. Then head back, chin shore with his fists, both sides, elbows phase and, most vigorously head down, stay a while, repeat 20 times. Then the body face down on a bench or bed, poked the head and parallel to the ground. The head by a low and slowly raise the power of best, stay a while, repeat 10 times. Finally, facing the wall, supporting arms, perpendicular to the body, the two Ada move forward, chest forward and lifting the head up efforts, two feet do not move, pause a moment reduction can be repeated 10 times.
2. By getting up, so that changes are long arm
Actress Xu Jinglei has been revealed in the blog, she could have 170 cm height, entirely adult habit every morning of a stretch. Hong Kong vampire experts say that stretching is to raise the arm over chest, elbows up a sport. Sounds simple, but stretch the chest compression allows the heart, lung, so that more oxygenated blood to spread throughout the body, indeed, extend the length of the role of muscles and ligaments.
Every morning, the human upper limb mobility, degree of pliability and stretch the best, I suggest you stretch every morning by a huge, long, lazy waist.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431| Note that the tension action must be slow, when you pulled a little muscle soreness flu to stop the action to maintain 15-30. Do not swing around, this is your muscles are close to the maximum length, action, cause damage to the General Assembly of inertia too. Maintain the tension in your, do not forget to use breathing to relax. In addition, every time a big lazy fitness classes reach the waist, so that ligament, "warm" to a certain length and then in training, arms "extend" the best.
3. Use 2 days before menstruation, so that larger breasts
Traditionally, the menstrual period can not enjoy the massage, because efforts to make the body massage finger pressure, affect the blood run. New York University Medical experts said it was the women's health study in one academic errors, gentle soothing massage not only will not affect the blood flow to run, but also relax the muscles, the less menstrual pain. As long as you keep lower back massage in the uterus around the push to do over, do not have to worry about health problems. 2 days before the menstrual period was the fastest fat burning, will push moderate weight-loss results. Better news is that the hormones reason, you will feel the chest in the menstrual period "inflation" that if you let your massage therapist massage using essential oils to the chest, but also for breast shaping, upgrade your Bra.
Introduce you to 3 under for the classic breast through with the program:
(1) geranium, ylang ylang, fennel each 5 drops of rosemary 3 drops +
(2), frankincense, Tianzhu, rosemary 5 drops each of lavender 4 drops +
(3), lemon, rosemary, rose 5 drops each of lavender 4 drops +
4. Use of the menstrual period, to less toxic
Singapore medical experts found that women from the 3rd day of menstruation, the body will secrete a unit smaller than the cell proteins - enzymes. This enzyme can break down toxins, so that the blood changes from acidic to alkaline, and help detoxify the body effectively, your body slim, skin lubrication. Green, U.S. health experts said, amount of drinking water period of great help to detoxify the body, so the physiological 1000 ml of water to drink every day is necessary.
In addition, the body during menstruation is 15% higher than usual sensitivity and gently tap a few special points, we can stimulate the body's metabolism to promote the body toxins. However, efforts must pay attention to massage, not too heavy, let the body pressures.
Two points to help you detox
Yongquan: When you force the toes bent when the front foot is Yongquan depression occurs. Gently tap the meridian passing through the role of Yongquan, regulate your autonomic nervous system, help you expand blood vessels, promote skin blood circulation, speed up the removal of toxins, reduce blood viscosity.
The full three years: with the right hand palm right knee at the top of standard, fingers down, one finger out the middle finger to the top position is the right leg full three years. For the left hand in the same way can be found in the left leg full three years. Gently tap the points, can promote digestive system to speed up removal of toxins and boost the body immunity.

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December 01, 2010

Heart pain

Heart pain
Life really can not be plain sailing, there is too much frustration, too much bitterness, too many ups and downs, too many vicissitudes.
I very much like a fairy tale of Cinderella, the glass slipper to wear beautiful.
I would very much is the idol inside the young lady, that for some vigorous love.
I would very much surprised situation is a hoot situation of the people, can not do.
I want to have my own house, car.
I want to have a lot a lot of money I squandered.
How many times have I like this fantasy, but the cruel reality, I had to face.
How many times have remained at the crossroads, at a loss.
How many times have hid under the covers crying.
How many times helpless.
I want to be strong to face all the difficulties and setbacks. Happy every day.
Look at all the students are happy, but he now had nothing, really a kind of intangible sense of failure. Never been sad.
I have twenty-year-old, not a milk smell a little girl it was dry, I should also plan your own life.
But I do? What should I do it?
Someone else's eyes, I am sure is a pistachio, no worries, no worries, and some just pure sparkling laugh it.
That touch of Daphnia ο code [hidden sorrow
Who can read?
I lived next door in the lonely, and out, only you ..........
I was in my heart that you, or discarded in the wind
     Cherished, how many sleepless nights, and thought of you, this memory, hard Sese, like a cup of coffee without sugar.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice I do not know, is that put it in my heart, or discarded in the wind.
        Originally thought. Love is to give, wholeheartedly, is to use raging fire to melt your heart sink the frost sets in rain and snow. May be in the cold winter, it running on the ground, between you and me to form a gully, do not We pulled away a short distance.
         Had been thought that love is concerned, is in every possible way, is the surging tide, water your lonely heart is not short by rain, the care, take your heart. Can not love you, but only four escape unwilling to accept this broke into it to love.
          When the Agency to know if you can learn humility, to trust you, give you time to think, they will not end today, missed the wind you will reap the rain, you miss her, I can harvest. But I am always reluctant to give up.
          Spring brings the warm spring, we do not know when to get together again. Maybe time will dilute the memories that I will forget you now. I do not know is that in my heart, or discarded in the wind.


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Love loyal dedication, persistence does not necessarily have a love

Love loyal dedication, persistence does not necessarily have a love
There is an expectation, waiting for him forever; there is one thought, let him mind is like a thousand miles away right close by; there is a pain, but also so that he lost the joy. Lonely people accompanied sinking lonely heart, lonely lonely people looking at the stars, when they come together?

Bright moon in the water, such as disk, mapped out a surprisingly lonely, she was thinking about who?

An cool wind passing away piece maple, except they do not want to take away that one of his injuries.

Lit the way, you can not ever seem as bright, the light becomes red Xia, along the road has disappeared in the end. Do not know the road is the gateway to his mind,Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice leading to the depths of my heart the most empty, then ....... not seen the end of the distance is just what you dream, the yearning, the desire to go between god . Since it is close to an injury, might as well let her disappear in the end.

Not easily, the few drops of rain fell on his quietly s cheek, the sky gradually darkened, such as the disk bright moon in a hurry also went to the shelter, the wind brought him grief, his tears. All dripping in his heart.

Since no chance spend, not as blessed. Even the sad and painful, but all in their heart. Loyal to the persistent love, but love does not mean a persistent.

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November 05, 2010

Experts tell you that the relationship between sleep and weight loss

Experts tell you that the relationship between sleep and weight loss
Only to health, enhance physical energy of the fundamental premise is to lose weight, but more suitable for Chinese women should have their own way, especially recommended is the warm-up regimen to lose weight, this concept and method is particularly suitable for, and the physical characteristics of Chinese women, There are appropriate living conditions and basic way of life.

Why go to bed at night? Blood flow noted in the evening gall bladder, liver and lung meridians, etc., "while supine blood attributed to liver," so people will sleep quietly nourish blood and organs of these meridians.
Why is the body's blood will be less and less? This is because the time is not enough blood, which is caused by bad blood will rest less and less. Blood at a specific time to complete, and anywhere in the world is dark to midnight local time 1:40 into blood, contrary to the laws of the time your blood is not enough. In particular hematopoietic time, must be 12 per week to 14 hours of deep sleep to complete the work. So is the blood of sleep time, can not just take it. Made the 12-hour blood and maintain the body's daily behavior is just a flat state, 14 hours increased slightly.
You can carefully look at the total work night shifts usually do not look, the body most of the indicators is not normal.
You can also try out the first week ten at night to sleep every six in the morning, the second week of sleep day after day two in the morning starting at noon, respectively, feel their physical condition. You obviously feel differently.
Lack of blood, the body does not waste the energy to transport the body, resulting in obesity; lack of sleep, the body's blood to insufficient, so it will worsen obesity.
Can not insist on going to bed early proposals want a beautiful slim
If it can not guarantee to sleep before 23:00 every day, then two days to a week to sleep in the dark 7:00 in order to maintain 12 to 14 hours of hematopoietic time.
Night and cancer boil
Recently by the Center for Cancer Research UK Science (IID) published data show that cancer has a close relationship with the staying up late. Research Center also found that schedule back, as young people progress, the trend of young cancer patients has become increasingly evident. Can be concluded that staying up late the basic causes of cancer has become infested. Do not stay up all night experts recommend a maximum of not more than dawn break.

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October 14, 2010

In late autumn fruits how to select suitable

In late autumn fruits how to select suitable
Nutritional Analysis: Hawthorn fruit calcium content up in the fall, 52 mg calcium hectogram pulp. Pregnant women (pregnant women, food) and children's demand for calcium, these two groups may wish to eat dinner Hawthorn.

In addition, because of hawthorn in the acid containing triterpenes and flavonoids, also known as lower blood pressure (blood pressure, food) and cholesterol of the "little experts." Chinese medicine, hawthorn Pickle Gan, of tepid, to digestion and stomach, qi and blood circulation, Zhili buck. Health Hawthorn also eliminate body fat and reduce the efficacy of fat absorption, weight loss (diet food) people can eat.
Edible reminder: do not be too much to eat to lose weight, especially gastrointestinal weak people, can form long-term eating raw Hawthorn stomach stones, increase the incidence of gastric ulcers, stomach bleeding or gastric perforation risk. Therefore suggested that the best tea to cook or eat hawthorn.
Production Tips: The hawthorn slice, with boiled water, which can greatly dilute the acidity of hawthorn. In addition to tea, hawthorn into the dish can also eat meat dishes such as porridge or do, put the 5 to 8 Hawthorn, both seasoned, can guarantee the absorption of nutrients hawthorn.
Diabetes (diabetic food) and obesity grapefruit good choice in patients with low carbohydrate
Nutrition Analysis: per 100 grams of carbohydrate content of grapefruit is 9.5 grams. This weight loss for obesity, no doubt, good news. Medicine, food rich in carbohydrates causes the body to glucose (blood sugar food) and insulin surge, causing obesity, and even lead to diabetes and heart disease.
Edible reminder: most people do best every day consumption more than 200 grams a day can be a big flap. Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit cold, therefore, weight loss, people should not eat the body Deficiency.
Shopping tips: a look to buy a grapefruit three call-second news. Look, the best wide elected under the standard tip, skin must be thin and smooth, pale green or yellow color, Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 looks soft and juicy like; smell of ripe grapefruit, fragrant flavor; knock, Press percussion that fruit skin, to see if it sinking, subsidence did not flexible grapefruit poor quality. Just taken down the grapefruit, the taste is not the best, the best place in the room a few days. General Two weeks later, and so the gradual evaporation of grapefruit in the water, the taste will become more and more sweet.
Cough and phlegm to aid digestion (digested food) vitamins (vitamin food) B1 champion citrus
Nutritional Analysis: Vitamin B1 on signal transduction in the nervous system plays an important role. Rich fruit in the fall among the highest content of citrus vitamin B1. Chinese medicine, orange YangYinShengJin aid digestion, there is the effectiveness of cough and phlegm, chest discomfort were more suitable to eat.
Edible reminder: a daily supplement of vitamin B1 needs, as family and all the B vitamins, like B1 will not extra storage in the body, and will be completely eliminated from the body. Therefore, in the autumn of rich orange, may wish to eat 1 to 2 oranges, add the body needs vitamin B1. But must not eat, because the orange of the heat, fall dry, eat more easily get angry.
To correct errors: please do not eat citrus orange flesh outside the white veins ripped off, this part of the human health (healthy food) is very useful. Chinese medicine, orange phlegm contact with collaterals, qi and blood circulation along the power, not only chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease in patients with chronic diseases such as diet quality goods, but also for chronic cough due to chest pain and discomfort as well the role of adjuvant therapy.

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September 20, 2010

Four kinds of breakfast you can never get rid of cellulite

Four kinds of breakfast you can never get rid of cellulite
Breakfast on the importance of health and weight loss has been more and more people are aware, but not eat breakfast will surely eat healthy. Breakfast eating is not scientific, not only make you eat more fat, even a healthy killer! Xiao Bian now with a look that you used to think a healthy morning, their true colors!
Fatten Breakfast 1: Traditional breakfast
Many people think that Chinese food the most dependent, therefore, to fried fritters, cakes, Jian Jiao, sesame seed, represented by traditional Chinese style breakfast has long occupied our breakfast table. But you do not know the truth is: they are not only excessive amount of fat content amazing, and there is the risk of cancer!
Interpretation: donut cake is hot fried foods, fried foods at high temperatures, the nutrients will be destroyed, but also produce carcinogenic substances; Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security not only fried fritters, cakes are "oil", and fresh-Jian Jiao and other early oil was significantly exceeded, not long-term use.
Recommendation: Breakfast must be paired with vegetables or fruit, Chinese breakfast not eat more than once a week, and the day's afternoon and evening meals to avoid oily, do not eat fried, fried, fried foods, and also add more vegetables.
Fatten Breakfast 2: Overnight Breakfast
Interpretation: Many lazy MM necessarily like to do more at night staple, made fried rice the next morning, or the overnight rice congee for breakfast, and even there will be many people to the food Gaoge hodgepodge overnight, right? Breakfast done so quickly, and looks clean and breakfast than outside, but also save money. However, leftovers overnight, the vegetables may produce nitrite (a carcinogen), eat a great risk to human health will be.

Recommendation: leftover vegetables must not eat; the surplus staple food for breakfast is sure to keep it in order to avoid deterioration; from the refrigerator, out of food to heat through.
Fatten Breakfast 3: Western-style fast food
Reading: McDonald's and KFC have advertised their supply of nutrition for breakfast, and 7-11 convenience stores like Western-style breakfast will be provided, such as: hamburgers, fried chicken wings and so on. OL have been preferred against such a morning, adding the first KFC did not mention the ads on TV more than tempting, even the subway, gnawing Hamburg than chewing dumplings look more elegant. In fact, although Western-style fast food in the morning heat than the meals they provide much lower heat, but heat is still high, compared, and Chinese food, placing. And you really believe that a thin piece of lettuce in Hamburg to meet your body on the morning of vitamin requirements?
Recommendation: choose Western-style fast food for breakfast, should be combined with fruit or vegetable soup, etc., in order to maintain nutritional balance, ensure the intake of various nutrients. Also best not to long-term consumption, so as to avoid excessive fat intake.
Fattening breakfast 4: snacks, breakfast
Interpretation: Many office workers like to put some companies at home or a variety of snacks, snow cake, biscuits, chocolate, etc., to prepare for contingencies. And the morning after, the time is not very abundant, they often picked up the snacks do breakfast. In fact, usually hungry and eat biscuits, chocolate and other snacks are available, but three meals a day with a snack as breakfast the most important, it is a very unscientific. Most are dry snack food, for the morning in a semi state of the human body is dehydrated, is not conducive to digestion and absorption. And biscuits and other snacks, Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator the main raw material is corn, although able to provide energy in a short time, but soon the body will feel hungry again, close to noon will be significantly decreased blood glucose levels, breakfast snacks easily lead to inadequate nutrition, leading to deterioration in health, easy various diseases caused by the invasion.
Recommendation: not to snack instead of breakfast, especially not to eat too much dry food. Breakfast foods should contain sufficient moisture. Too little water if the day's breakfast, then we must remember that drinking a glass of water to make up.

What is the real breakfast healthy and shaping it?
Fruit + vegetables + milk + cereal = health + weight-loss breakfast
Some focus on the MM body likes to use fruit, vegetables, milk and other nutritious food instead of breakfast, overlooking the "low nutritional value" of the staple. In fact, the staple food rich in carbohydrates are very helpful in burning fat.And, really insist on eating for some time, "rich" breakfast, you will find, even if there is no reduction for lunch and dinner, your weight would not be increased because the work day early to breakfast calories used up. And there is satisfaction stomach early in the morning, lunch and dinner and will not cause overeating, and help control calorie intake.
More importantly, often interval between breakfast and lunch for more than four hours, enough to eat breakfast, it is easy to beat has not determined a drawer "snack" idea!

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August 20, 2010

French diet recipes

French diet recipes


Noon chicken or beef tongue. Roasted tomato. Cucumber and other vegetables of any kind a kind. Coffee or tea.

Fish or seafood at night. Cucumber or tomato salad, green vegetables of any kind a kind. A piece of bread. Coffee or tea.

Roasted Tomato practice: Preheat the oven 80-100 degrees. Tomato stalks of the cut, sprinkled with salt, black pepper, topped with olive oil, then add dry Provencal spices, oven baked one to two hours.


Noon Comprehensive or other canned fruit, canned fruit jar. Coffee or tea.
Dinner bovine minced meat row, lamb or red meat of any kind. Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and other vegetables do olive oil salad. Coffee or tea.

Practice oil vinegar salad: red onion 1, 2, 1 pellets are chopped garlic sprinkled on the salad, the olive oil and two spoons, two key open-wine vinegar, salt, black pepper to taste, then Brazil in Sprinkle crushed. This approach applies the oil vinegar cucumber and lettuce of any kind of western.

Noon salmon or tuna salad. Choose a kind of seasonal fruits. Coffee or tea.
Canned salmon or tuna in a can of oil plus vinegar salad.

Night ham or cold meat. Cucumber, lettuce salad. Coffee or tea.

Noon 3 hard boiled eggs. Salads, open-type of lettuce. Coffee or tea.

Soft-boiled eggs salad simple method: eggshell washed into a container of cold water to the boil within two minutes off the heat. Tomato to Diqie film. Two pellets of garlic, red onion, a sprinkle tomatoes with soft-boiled eggs, the topped with vinaigrette sauce, sprinkle with Brazil in broken.

Dinner grilled chicken (not limited to location, but without the skin). Boiled spinach. Coffee or tea.


Noon 1 cheese (about 150-200G). Boiled spinach. A loaf of bread. Coffee or tea.

Fish or seafood dinner. Open to any kind of lettuce salad or boiled vegetables. A loaf of bread. Coffee or tea.

Reference to the practice of boiling vegetables: garlic two to three pat once, chicken or beef soup block 2, leaving the water to a rolling two minutes, boiled cabbage roll under, scooped up a minute. If it is hard red carrots and other vegetables, please roll a little longer.

Noon canned fruit jar. Coffee or tea.

Turkey breast or chicken breast dinner 1. Lettuce or tomato salad. Coffee or tea.


Noon turkey or chicken. Tomato or any kind of boiled vegetables limitation. Seasonal fruit. Coffee with tea.

Dinner bovine minced meat row. Cucumber, tomato or lettuce salad. Coffee with tea.


1. Any soft drinks, fruit juice, cola and other soda drinks.

2. Rice, pasta, potatoes and other starchy staples.


Meat, fish food, best dry fried, boiled, broiled and other low-card practices.

Unlimited number of vegetables, how much you can eat whatever you want.

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August 17, 2010

A variety of health food slimming


Kang recently very popular, and many weight loss products contain ingredients of ginger, and used by people was very good, because the ginger contains gingerol, can promote blood circulation, fend off the cold, sweating, metabolic heat, improvement, stomach intestines, ventilation blood, swelling and other diuretic effect, so both get into the food or drink ginger ginger, or even use ginger bubble bath, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.


Radish taste sweet, low in calories and easy to produce because of satiety after eating can reduce more than eating and food, combined with rich vitamins and trace elements can promote gastrointestinal motility, is conducive to metabolism, can prevent fat accumulation in skin, helps weight loss articles.


Apple flavor sweet, slightly acidic, rich in vitamins A, C, E, glucose, pectin, protein, dietary fiber and other nutrients, slowly chewing can increase satiety, thus reducing the intake of other calories, and sodium they cholesterol-free features, so that anyone can eat, even when the meals will not detract from health, a favorite of many weight loss.


Celery flavor fragrance, Gan Liang, a low-calorie vegetables, itself rich in water and vitamin C, B1, B2, carotene, protein and other nutrients, have lower blood pressure, lipid effects, and because rich in cellulose, there digestion, can promote metabolism to prevent obesity.


Papaya contains vitamins A, C, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, can help digestion, clear the stool to reach the purpose of thin upper abdomen. In addition, papaya itself contains a unique protease, the decomposition of the fat has a strong ability to improve obesity.

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A variety of super health food slimming

What to eat healthy and slim down fast? Thin when the selection of health foods make you eat can lose weight easily Xiangshou. Here we recommend for you the health of 10 ultra-popular diet food, teach you what to eat to lose weight most effectively.


Mushroom, mushroom, straw mushroom, shiitake mushrooms, belong to the low-fat, high fiber protein-rich food they can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation, but also inhibit cholesterol, increase satiety and help reduce fat intake to achieve weight loss results.


Grapefruit high water content, more number of acidic substances, can help increase the body's digestive juice to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting digestion, and daily consumption of grapefruit juice, should achieve weight loss purposes, but also reduce the cholesterol diet on cardiovascular disease who is the best food. (Older women if the daily consumption of more than a quarter of grapefruit pieces, may increase breast cancer risk of 30%. Careful eating oh!)


Whether red, yellow tomato, are currently the most popular weight loss fruits and vegetables, especially yellow tomato, more vitamin C content of the characteristics of high and low sugar, increase satiety after eating to reduce caloric intake of other very suitable tempts bring snacks for the time. Tomatoes also contain fiber and promote gastrointestinal motility, digestion, helps metabolism to lose weight.


Cucumber about 98% moisture content, nutrient content of the rest of the body is rarely needed. Despite this, it contains alcohol cucumber acid, can inhibit the sugar into fat, and have the effect of preventing obesity. Cellulose contained in cucumber and vitamin B, C, also with the promotion of intestinal metabolism, lower cholesterol and other effects.


Melon contains vitamin B1, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients can prevent the starch and sugars into fat. Also because of their rich in cellulose, with Qingrejiedu, Lee water swelling, thirst, constipation, depression and other effects, can be pathogenic fire Qingwei, reduce appetite, so to lose weight be used.

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