August 20, 2010

French diet recipes

French diet recipes


Noon chicken or beef tongue. Roasted tomato. Cucumber and other vegetables of any kind a kind. Coffee or tea.

Fish or seafood at night. Cucumber or tomato salad, green vegetables of any kind a kind. A piece of bread. Coffee or tea.

Roasted Tomato practice: Preheat the oven 80-100 degrees. Tomato stalks of the cut, sprinkled with salt, black pepper, topped with olive oil, then add dry Provencal spices, oven baked one to two hours.


Noon Comprehensive or other canned fruit, canned fruit jar. Coffee or tea.
Dinner bovine minced meat row, lamb or red meat of any kind. Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and other vegetables do olive oil salad. Coffee or tea.

Practice oil vinegar salad: red onion 1, 2, 1 pellets are chopped garlic sprinkled on the salad, the olive oil and two spoons, two key open-wine vinegar, salt, black pepper to taste, then Brazil in Sprinkle crushed. This approach applies the oil vinegar cucumber and lettuce of any kind of western.

Noon salmon or tuna salad. Choose a kind of seasonal fruits. Coffee or tea.
Canned salmon or tuna in a can of oil plus vinegar salad.

Night ham or cold meat. Cucumber, lettuce salad. Coffee or tea.

Noon 3 hard boiled eggs. Salads, open-type of lettuce. Coffee or tea.

Soft-boiled eggs salad simple method: eggshell washed into a container of cold water to the boil within two minutes off the heat. Tomato to Diqie film. Two pellets of garlic, red onion, a sprinkle tomatoes with soft-boiled eggs, the topped with vinaigrette sauce, sprinkle with Brazil in broken.

Dinner grilled chicken (not limited to location, but without the skin). Boiled spinach. Coffee or tea.


Noon 1 cheese (about 150-200G). Boiled spinach. A loaf of bread. Coffee or tea.

Fish or seafood dinner. Open to any kind of lettuce salad or boiled vegetables. A loaf of bread. Coffee or tea.

Reference to the practice of boiling vegetables: garlic two to three pat once, chicken or beef soup block 2, leaving the water to a rolling two minutes, boiled cabbage roll under, scooped up a minute. If it is hard red carrots and other vegetables, please roll a little longer.

Noon canned fruit jar. Coffee or tea.

Turkey breast or chicken breast dinner 1. Lettuce or tomato salad. Coffee or tea.


Noon turkey or chicken. Tomato or any kind of boiled vegetables limitation. Seasonal fruit. Coffee with tea.

Dinner bovine minced meat row. Cucumber, tomato or lettuce salad. Coffee with tea.


1. Any soft drinks, fruit juice, cola and other soda drinks.

2. Rice, pasta, potatoes and other starchy staples.


Meat, fish food, best dry fried, boiled, broiled and other low-card practices.

Unlimited number of vegetables, how much you can eat whatever you want.

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