December 01, 2010

Love loyal dedication, persistence does not necessarily have a love

Love loyal dedication, persistence does not necessarily have a love
There is an expectation, waiting for him forever; there is one thought, let him mind is like a thousand miles away right close by; there is a pain, but also so that he lost the joy. Lonely people accompanied sinking lonely heart, lonely lonely people looking at the stars, when they come together?

Bright moon in the water, such as disk, mapped out a surprisingly lonely, she was thinking about who?

An cool wind passing away piece maple, except they do not want to take away that one of his injuries.

Lit the way, you can not ever seem as bright, the light becomes red Xia, along the road has disappeared in the end. Do not know the road is the gateway to his mind,Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice leading to the depths of my heart the most empty, then ....... not seen the end of the distance is just what you dream, the yearning, the desire to go between god . Since it is close to an injury, might as well let her disappear in the end.

Not easily, the few drops of rain fell on his quietly s cheek, the sky gradually darkened, such as the disk bright moon in a hurry also went to the shelter, the wind brought him grief, his tears. All dripping in his heart.

Since no chance spend, not as blessed. Even the sad and painful, but all in their heart. Loyal to the persistent love, but love does not mean a persistent.

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