September 20, 2010

Four kinds of breakfast you can never get rid of cellulite

Four kinds of breakfast you can never get rid of cellulite
Breakfast on the importance of health and weight loss has been more and more people are aware, but not eat breakfast will surely eat healthy. Breakfast eating is not scientific, not only make you eat more fat, even a healthy killer! Xiao Bian now with a look that you used to think a healthy morning, their true colors!
Fatten Breakfast 1: Traditional breakfast
Many people think that Chinese food the most dependent, therefore, to fried fritters, cakes, Jian Jiao, sesame seed, represented by traditional Chinese style breakfast has long occupied our breakfast table. But you do not know the truth is: they are not only excessive amount of fat content amazing, and there is the risk of cancer!
Interpretation: donut cake is hot fried foods, fried foods at high temperatures, the nutrients will be destroyed, but also produce carcinogenic substances; Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security not only fried fritters, cakes are "oil", and fresh-Jian Jiao and other early oil was significantly exceeded, not long-term use.
Recommendation: Breakfast must be paired with vegetables or fruit, Chinese breakfast not eat more than once a week, and the day's afternoon and evening meals to avoid oily, do not eat fried, fried, fried foods, and also add more vegetables.
Fatten Breakfast 2: Overnight Breakfast
Interpretation: Many lazy MM necessarily like to do more at night staple, made fried rice the next morning, or the overnight rice congee for breakfast, and even there will be many people to the food Gaoge hodgepodge overnight, right? Breakfast done so quickly, and looks clean and breakfast than outside, but also save money. However, leftovers overnight, the vegetables may produce nitrite (a carcinogen), eat a great risk to human health will be.

Recommendation: leftover vegetables must not eat; the surplus staple food for breakfast is sure to keep it in order to avoid deterioration; from the refrigerator, out of food to heat through.
Fatten Breakfast 3: Western-style fast food
Reading: McDonald's and KFC have advertised their supply of nutrition for breakfast, and 7-11 convenience stores like Western-style breakfast will be provided, such as: hamburgers, fried chicken wings and so on. OL have been preferred against such a morning, adding the first KFC did not mention the ads on TV more than tempting, even the subway, gnawing Hamburg than chewing dumplings look more elegant. In fact, although Western-style fast food in the morning heat than the meals they provide much lower heat, but heat is still high, compared, and Chinese food, placing. And you really believe that a thin piece of lettuce in Hamburg to meet your body on the morning of vitamin requirements?
Recommendation: choose Western-style fast food for breakfast, should be combined with fruit or vegetable soup, etc., in order to maintain nutritional balance, ensure the intake of various nutrients. Also best not to long-term consumption, so as to avoid excessive fat intake.
Fattening breakfast 4: snacks, breakfast
Interpretation: Many office workers like to put some companies at home or a variety of snacks, snow cake, biscuits, chocolate, etc., to prepare for contingencies. And the morning after, the time is not very abundant, they often picked up the snacks do breakfast. In fact, usually hungry and eat biscuits, chocolate and other snacks are available, but three meals a day with a snack as breakfast the most important, it is a very unscientific. Most are dry snack food, for the morning in a semi state of the human body is dehydrated, is not conducive to digestion and absorption. And biscuits and other snacks, Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator the main raw material is corn, although able to provide energy in a short time, but soon the body will feel hungry again, close to noon will be significantly decreased blood glucose levels, breakfast snacks easily lead to inadequate nutrition, leading to deterioration in health, easy various diseases caused by the invasion.
Recommendation: not to snack instead of breakfast, especially not to eat too much dry food. Breakfast foods should contain sufficient moisture. Too little water if the day's breakfast, then we must remember that drinking a glass of water to make up.

What is the real breakfast healthy and shaping it?
Fruit + vegetables + milk + cereal = health + weight-loss breakfast
Some focus on the MM body likes to use fruit, vegetables, milk and other nutritious food instead of breakfast, overlooking the "low nutritional value" of the staple. In fact, the staple food rich in carbohydrates are very helpful in burning fat.And, really insist on eating for some time, "rich" breakfast, you will find, even if there is no reduction for lunch and dinner, your weight would not be increased because the work day early to breakfast calories used up. And there is satisfaction stomach early in the morning, lunch and dinner and will not cause overeating, and help control calorie intake.
More importantly, often interval between breakfast and lunch for more than four hours, enough to eat breakfast, it is easy to beat has not determined a drawer "snack" idea!

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