November 05, 2010

Experts tell you that the relationship between sleep and weight loss

Experts tell you that the relationship between sleep and weight loss
Only to health, enhance physical energy of the fundamental premise is to lose weight, but more suitable for Chinese women should have their own way, especially recommended is the warm-up regimen to lose weight, this concept and method is particularly suitable for, and the physical characteristics of Chinese women, There are appropriate living conditions and basic way of life.

Why go to bed at night? Blood flow noted in the evening gall bladder, liver and lung meridians, etc., "while supine blood attributed to liver," so people will sleep quietly nourish blood and organs of these meridians.
Why is the body's blood will be less and less? This is because the time is not enough blood, which is caused by bad blood will rest less and less. Blood at a specific time to complete, and anywhere in the world is dark to midnight local time 1:40 into blood, contrary to the laws of the time your blood is not enough. In particular hematopoietic time, must be 12 per week to 14 hours of deep sleep to complete the work. So is the blood of sleep time, can not just take it. Made the 12-hour blood and maintain the body's daily behavior is just a flat state, 14 hours increased slightly.
You can carefully look at the total work night shifts usually do not look, the body most of the indicators is not normal.
You can also try out the first week ten at night to sleep every six in the morning, the second week of sleep day after day two in the morning starting at noon, respectively, feel their physical condition. You obviously feel differently.
Lack of blood, the body does not waste the energy to transport the body, resulting in obesity; lack of sleep, the body's blood to insufficient, so it will worsen obesity.
Can not insist on going to bed early proposals want a beautiful slim
If it can not guarantee to sleep before 23:00 every day, then two days to a week to sleep in the dark 7:00 in order to maintain 12 to 14 hours of hematopoietic time.
Night and cancer boil
Recently by the Center for Cancer Research UK Science (IID) published data show that cancer has a close relationship with the staying up late. Research Center also found that schedule back, as young people progress, the trend of young cancer patients has become increasingly evident. Can be concluded that staying up late the basic causes of cancer has become infested. Do not stay up all night experts recommend a maximum of not more than dawn break.

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