December 01, 2010

Heart pain

Heart pain
Life really can not be plain sailing, there is too much frustration, too much bitterness, too many ups and downs, too many vicissitudes.
I very much like a fairy tale of Cinderella, the glass slipper to wear beautiful.
I would very much is the idol inside the young lady, that for some vigorous love.
I would very much surprised situation is a hoot situation of the people, can not do.
I want to have my own house, car.
I want to have a lot a lot of money I squandered.
How many times have I like this fantasy, but the cruel reality, I had to face.
How many times have remained at the crossroads, at a loss.
How many times have hid under the covers crying.
How many times helpless.
I want to be strong to face all the difficulties and setbacks. Happy every day.
Look at all the students are happy, but he now had nothing, really a kind of intangible sense of failure. Never been sad.
I have twenty-year-old, not a milk smell a little girl it was dry, I should also plan your own life.
But I do? What should I do it?
Someone else's eyes, I am sure is a pistachio, no worries, no worries, and some just pure sparkling laugh it.
That touch of Daphnia ο code [hidden sorrow
Who can read?
I lived next door in the lonely, and out, only you ..........
I was in my heart that you, or discarded in the wind
     Cherished, how many sleepless nights, and thought of you, this memory, hard Sese, like a cup of coffee without sugar.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice I do not know, is that put it in my heart, or discarded in the wind.
        Originally thought. Love is to give, wholeheartedly, is to use raging fire to melt your heart sink the frost sets in rain and snow. May be in the cold winter, it running on the ground, between you and me to form a gully, do not We pulled away a short distance.
         Had been thought that love is concerned, is in every possible way, is the surging tide, water your lonely heart is not short by rain, the care, take your heart. Can not love you, but only four escape unwilling to accept this broke into it to love.
          When the Agency to know if you can learn humility, to trust you, give you time to think, they will not end today, missed the wind you will reap the rain, you miss her, I can harvest. But I am always reluctant to give up.
          Spring brings the warm spring, we do not know when to get together again. Maybe time will dilute the memories that I will forget you now. I do not know is that in my heart, or discarded in the wind.


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