October 14, 2010

In late autumn fruits how to select suitable

In late autumn fruits how to select suitable
Nutritional Analysis: Hawthorn fruit calcium content up in the fall, 52 mg calcium hectogram pulp. Pregnant women (pregnant women, food) and children's demand for calcium, these two groups may wish to eat dinner Hawthorn.

In addition, because of hawthorn in the acid containing triterpenes and flavonoids, also known as lower blood pressure (blood pressure, food) and cholesterol of the "little experts." Chinese medicine, hawthorn Pickle Gan, of tepid, to digestion and stomach, qi and blood circulation, Zhili buck. Health Hawthorn also eliminate body fat and reduce the efficacy of fat absorption, weight loss (diet food) people can eat.
Edible reminder: do not be too much to eat to lose weight, especially gastrointestinal weak people, can form long-term eating raw Hawthorn stomach stones, increase the incidence of gastric ulcers, stomach bleeding or gastric perforation risk. Therefore suggested that the best tea to cook or eat hawthorn.
Production Tips: The hawthorn slice, with boiled water, which can greatly dilute the acidity of hawthorn. In addition to tea, hawthorn into the dish can also eat meat dishes such as porridge or do, put the 5 to 8 Hawthorn, both seasoned, can guarantee the absorption of nutrients hawthorn.
Diabetes (diabetic food) and obesity grapefruit good choice in patients with low carbohydrate
Nutrition Analysis: per 100 grams of carbohydrate content of grapefruit is 9.5 grams. This weight loss for obesity, no doubt, good news. Medicine, food rich in carbohydrates causes the body to glucose (blood sugar food) and insulin surge, causing obesity, and even lead to diabetes and heart disease.
Edible reminder: most people do best every day consumption more than 200 grams a day can be a big flap. Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit cold, therefore, weight loss, people should not eat the body Deficiency.
Shopping tips: a look to buy a grapefruit three call-second news. Look, the best wide elected under the standard tip, skin must be thin and smooth, pale green or yellow color, Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 looks soft and juicy like; smell of ripe grapefruit, fragrant flavor; knock, Press percussion that fruit skin, to see if it sinking, subsidence did not flexible grapefruit poor quality. Just taken down the grapefruit, the taste is not the best, the best place in the room a few days. General Two weeks later, and so the gradual evaporation of grapefruit in the water, the taste will become more and more sweet.
Cough and phlegm to aid digestion (digested food) vitamins (vitamin food) B1 champion citrus
Nutritional Analysis: Vitamin B1 on signal transduction in the nervous system plays an important role. Rich fruit in the fall among the highest content of citrus vitamin B1. Chinese medicine, orange YangYinShengJin aid digestion, there is the effectiveness of cough and phlegm, chest discomfort were more suitable to eat.
Edible reminder: a daily supplement of vitamin B1 needs, as family and all the B vitamins, like B1 will not extra storage in the body, and will be completely eliminated from the body. Therefore, in the autumn of rich orange, may wish to eat 1 to 2 oranges, add the body needs vitamin B1. But must not eat, because the orange of the heat, fall dry, eat more easily get angry.
To correct errors: please do not eat citrus orange flesh outside the white veins ripped off, this part of the human health (healthy food) is very useful. Chinese medicine, orange phlegm contact with collaterals, qi and blood circulation along the power, not only chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease in patients with chronic diseases such as diet quality goods, but also for chronic cough due to chest pain and discomfort as well the role of adjuvant therapy.

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